The Adventure of getting things done

A man looking at a mountain range
Photo by Wojciech Then on Unsplash

An adventure awaits you when you think of starting a project, company or turning your random shower idea into a reality.
You have taken those adventures in your life before.
Some have turned into great victories, others have turned into your greatest nightmares, and in some, you were lost and never returned.

Every adventure is a perilous path full of monsters, pitfalls, detours, valleys and mountains. Even the strongest of souls have struggled to complete them and have died trying.

Are there any shortcuts, you ask? Nope, the only way to find the end of it is through taking this adventure. There are no maps, and even if there are, they are unique to the person who holds them.

So what do I have to offer before you begin any adventure?
I cannot protect you entirely with tips and tricks to avoid the monsters. I cannot save you from pitfalls or even taking a long detour, but what I can do is give you a compass with rules to abide by it. Follow it, read it twice or thrice, examine every situation through its lens, and I’m sure you will reach the end of your adventure with a heart full of joy.

Here are the rules and a compass, the most important ones before you embark on an adventure to see your idea come alive.

  1. Think about the finished project/idea.
    Before you take the first step in executing an idea or a project, spend some time writing it down or thinking to yourself about how you envision it to be in the end.
    Write it down in details, explain the euphoria you shall experience when you see it come to light, the way it might impact people, the treasure you would have earned through the journey and how the world might speak highly of you.
    Envisioning the end helps you start your journey with determination and hope to look forward to finishing it.

This compass and its lessons would sure not save you from the bitter experiences of this journey completely, but it sure will make your experience worthwhile.

Every adventure you take is a journey.
It is a one way trip to a destination unknown.
It is not the monsters, the dark times or even the success or failure of it that matters, but it is the courage you had to take the first step and come out as a better person through the experiences that prepare you for all the
adventures ahead.

When you look back in life, let it be filled with those great stories from those journeys, to pass it on as lessons, to a person taking their first step onto their first adventure.

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