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Spoiler Alert

After reading many mixed and mostly bad reviews, I did give the recent “Don’t look up” movie a try. With a lot of excellent star cast and some bad reviews, I kept my expectations low and watched it on new year’s eve.

In short, the movie is about…

Photo by Miti on Unsplash

I’m just a simple straight line, I thought to myself.

A line at the beginning to bring out life from a womb, and one to mark the end of it all.

I create wars when crossed without consent and blossom with love when done with it.

I’m the foundation of art that stands the test of time and buildings that house a thousand lives.

I’m drawn to divide Nations and people, I’m also drawn above a common factor for all.

Sometimes I’m the reason for a limit, and I’m also the reason to dream beyond those.

What am I, a simple straight line I thought to myself but no, I was much more powerful than what I imagined myself to be.

Photo by Amanda Jones on Unsplash

The clock never stops ticking
and the carousel never stops moving
no matter how hard you keep trying,
you shall never stop aging.

There is very little that you can hold onto,
but you have a choice what you can grab onto,
so from the scattered pieces of your life,
pick up the diamonds from the coal mine,

Let go off the baggage from the past,
just carry your life lessons to the path
you don’t know what the future holds,
for all the challenges ahead, behold.

The clock never stops ticking,
and you have a choice in your own making,
It is either up-to you to worry,
and aimlessly pass your time or
to experience the taste of life & age like wine.

Arun Sandeep

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